We believe that there is a path of purpose, success and destiny for all those whom the world statistically deemed as a loss. The voices and experiences of our youth can be restored and lives equipped to be a positive impact for their communities.

About House of Esther

The House of Esther Organization is a private, non-profit organization founded by Dr. B. Courtney McBath and Rev. Janeen L. McBath in 2001. The House of Esther’s mission is to provide holistic services for homeless mothers, their children; and at-risk youth. Our organization is committed to empowering youth and young adults while promoting economic sustainability and independence through education along with technical and vocational training. A vision that began as one home servicing teenage mothers has now expanded to two campuses and a childcare center.

The Meaning of Esther

The House of Esther, by name, refers to a beautiful but impoverished young woman who as a child was raised by her uncle after suffering the loss of both her father and mother. In the care of her loving relative, Esther, restored her life from desolation to greatness. She grew to become the great and noble Queen Esther, wife of Ahasuerus (known historically as Xerxes). Queen Esther—the fearless heroine—at a time of war thus pleaded with the King in her kingdom and convinced him to spare the lives of women, children, and men just like she from genocide. The maternal hands of Esther saved families and cultures from death and ruin. Now, in the heir of Esther’s life and legacy, we believe that it is our responsibility to restore the lives of young women so that they may speak light into their cities and save their generations—one life at a time—from ruination. The road ahead of you may seem complex, but we fearlessly stand with all teens, youngs adults as they discover that life is not over, and that great things are in store!

Janeen McBath

Founder and President

Growing up in the inner city neighborhoods—of Boston, Massachusetts—Janeen McBath quickly embraced a passion to be a rescuing agent. Driven to help other women around her who were in crisis. From a little girl and up until young adulthood she carried that mission to become a positive change to the world. In 2001, she and husband, Dr. B. Courtney McBath, made the decision to turn the home where they raised their 5 children into a home for teenage mothers in crisis pregnancy. The House of Esther was created and it provided a safe environment and place to call home for dozens in its program for over a decade. Janeen McBath saw the need for this program to expand its capacity to service more young mothers than their home could hold. In 2010, the House of Esther City Center a place for young men and women could have free access to education and brainpower. Through General Education Development (G.E.D) and College Preparatory classes, House of Esther was able to train young adults how to have courage and believe in themselves and their ability to be skillful and career-oriented mothers, fathers and influential members of society. In 2013, seeing the rise of a homelessness epidemic among many of the youth in Hampton Roads, McBath turned their flagship home into the 825 Campus that now serves as a 12-18 month transitional home for homeless mothers and their children.

Janeen McBath was determined to provide a solution to the issues plaguing her community with the understanding of restoration and hope in Jesus. With decades of experience, a Masters of Theology from Regent University and an unstoppable passion to see lives transformed and empowered she has led House of Esther Organization in trafficking hope to all they come in contact with. The House of Esther has become a path of exploration, success and destiny for all of those who this world statistically deemed as a loss.

Up Close & Personal

Janeen, affectionately known as Lady J, is a teacher, business leader, mentor, and advocate. She travels both locally and abroad speaking with a transparent and straightforward approach while encouraging the hearer to embrace their purpose-filled journey with God. Empowered by prayer and a foaming chai tea latte, Lady J seeks to give a voice to the least of these. In her passion for social justice, she has become an advocate for single teen moms as the founder of Esther Ministries.  When she is not serving the community, Janeen eagerly awaits quality time with her husband Courtney and enjoys being a mother to her five children and Mimi to her grandchildren.


Crystal Brown
Mrs. Crystal Brown
Assistant Director
Sara Beth Roberts
Ms. Zelma Spratley
House Manager


Sara Beth Roberts
Mrs. Pamela Charles,
Executive Administrator